The Tauranga Amateur Variety Concert

The purpose of the concerts is primarily for musicians to gain experience performing on stage.  A musician can be an expert musician, but without stage experience, usually their stage performances have room for improvement.  The concerts are also intended to provide an enjoyable experience for the audience.  The concerts are intended to be a platform for light hearted music, but there are a few sombre, and reflective pieces. A wide variety of music is performed, by soloists and small groups.  Acoustic instruments and voice are used, with no recorded backing music.

The concert is intended for intermediate to advanced performers, who have 3 or more years of experience (either tuition, or self training). For reference, this would be equivalent to having completed the grade 3 ABRSM exam. There is no limit on the age of applicants. The maximum allocated performance time per applicant is 12 minutes (although it is 5 minutes for intermediate level performers).  Musicians outside Tauranga, and professionals who wish to display their work are welcome. Additional information can be found in the Downloads section below.

Concert Schedule 2021

26th June - applications open Mar 26th, and close on 14th May - CLOSED (extended to 18 May)

27th November - applications open July 30th, and close on 9th October - CLOSED

Event Schedule 2022

22nd July - Composers Competition (online submission of audio clip and manuscript) entries open, and close on 23 Sept

November/December - TAVAC Concert date to be decided

The performances are held at the Tauranga Holy Trinity auditorium, 215 Devonport Road (corner of 3rd Avenue).


1. Free tickets will be provided to musicians for applications received prior to the application closing date.

2. The concert will proceed at level 2


TAVAC Concert Information and Musician's Application forms